On-Site Clean Energy
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Power Where You Need It

Solar power is now the most cost effective form of energy generation – delivering reliable clean electricity at predictable, low prices.

Our solutions allow Agriculture and Industrial users to rapidly deploy cost-effective energy resources right where power is needed.

We work with your existing electrical infrastructure, connecting directly to each meter or load. This greatly simplifies lengthy utility company reviews – allowing you to achieve results on your timeline.

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Energy Independence

Own and Control Your Assets

With smart planning and strategic execution, we help clients convert never-ending energy costs into real income-producing assets.

Electric prices, especially in California, have risen at unsustainable rates and are expected to increase further due to fire liability and massive grid maintenance costs.

Reliable solar power, combined with hybrid gas generators, can provide extremely cost effective, reliable power for your operations.

Typical paybacks range from 3 to 5 years for assets that will insulate your business operations for decades.

Bottom Line: A strategic onsite energy generation plan will save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars and Concept Clean Energy is the right partner to help.

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