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Real Usable Space + Clean Energy

PowerShingle is a revolutionary, patent-pending, system that allows elevated solar panels to shed water, just like a real shingled roof.

PowerShingle employs proven techniques used in skyscrapers all over the world – adapted to provide clean solar power + real usable space for virtually any farming or industrial application.

Combine PowerShingle with our other onsite energy systems (gas generation & batteries) to save thousands and achieve real Grid & Energy Independence.

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PowerShingle Shade Structure

Real Protection From Grid Disruption

PowerShingle provides real electricity for critical loads ranging from 75HP to 250HP water pumps to large production facilities.

PowerShingle modules pick up light from both sides, producing more energy in less space than virtually any other solar system.

Water-sensitive farmers can even use PowerShingle to collect and store rainwater.

Come see PowerShingle at Huntington Farms in Soledad, CA and Bowles Farming Company in Los Banos CA.

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Have questions? Check out our FAQs

What makes PowerShingle different from any the carports I already see all over town?

PowerShingle is waterproof.  Traditional solar carports have small gaps between every solar panel and water leaks onto everything below.  And if it hasn’t rained in a while, the water is mixed with dust and drips dirty muddy water onto your vehicle, your clothes or whatever else is stored below.  With PowerShingle, everything below will stay dry and clean.

How much power can PowerShingle generate?

Power generation scales proportionally with the number of solar panels installed.  PowerShingle uses high efficiency monocrystalline bi-facial solar panels so energy production is maximized.  We have several standard design options ranging from 55KW blocks (2,800 sq ft) to several hundred KW structures utilizing long span (up to 120 ft) Nucor steel building designs.

What is the cost?

PowerShingle costs less than traditional non-solar steel shade structures.  This is due to the fact that solar has a quantifiable return from energy generation and the structure is eligible for tax credits, which non-solar steel shade structures are not.  When PowerShingle is compared to traditional non-waterproof solar carport costs, it’s virtually the same. So the question that remains, why would anyone build another non-solar steel shade structure or traditional solar carport again?

What options do I have for different designs?

The design options for PowerShingle are endless because any structure that would traditionally hold solar panels, or corrugated/standing seam metal roof, can be replaced with our PowerShingle system.  However, we have several pre-engineered designs that minimize the total cost of the build. Click the, “get a quote” button above and let’s start a conversation about what you need.

Does PowerShingle really shed water?

Yes it does. Just like a roof. Except unlike a roof, the solar panel glass won’t need replacing for 30 years or more! Wouldn’t it be nice if all roofs lasted longer than 30 years? Well, with PowerShingle it will.

Do BiFacial solar panels really make much of a difference?

YES! Depending on the color of the ground the system is installed over (albedo effect), the energy production boost from BiFacial panels can be 5-20% greater than traditional single-sided panels. 

Why hasn’t there been a product like this before?

That was our thought too and precisely why we were committed to figure this out.  

I’m a contractor, how can I provide PowerShingle to my clients? 

You are in luck.  We are accepting applications for channel/build partners.  If approved, you can provide PowerShingle to your clients by simply purchasing our PowerShingle panel/rail solution and you can maintain full control of your EPC services. 

I’m a contractor, how can I provide PowerShingle to my clients?

I’d like to know if PowerShingle will work for my operations, what next?

Click the “get a quote” link above and we’ll follow up with you shortly.  Let’s discuss what you need.

How much space does PowerShingle need?

We can provide custom designs, but our current building block footprint for our 54KW system is 66 ft / 45.

What are the dimensions of a PowerShingle system?

We can provide custom designs, but our current building block footprint for our 54KW system is 66 ft / 45.

What installation considerations are there?

Simply put, where do you want to put it, how much space do you have available and how much power (KW/kWh) do you need throughout the year?  From there we’ll need to know the distance to your electricity meter / electrical service panel and eventually, we’ll need to know the geotechnical makeup of your soil in order to size the concrete footings appropriately. 

Can PowerShingle provide backup power?

Yes of course. PowerShingle paired with battery storage and/or genset can backup your operations from power outages.

Can PowerShingle run my pump?

Yes! Our current PowerShingle building block is just over 50KW, but it can be modularly scaled up and hybrid paired with battery storage and generators to create truly  resilient backup power or a fully offgrid/microgrid power solution.

Can I grow crops under PowerShingle?

Absolutely!  Because PowerShingle uses bi-facial solar panels that allow light to filter through, there are a number of crops that can be grown under the system.  And if you pair PowerShingle with LED grow lights, it can become an AgTech solar greenhouse. The University of Arizona has been studying “Agrivoltaics” and has found in desert climates that growing crops under solar can be very beneficial for yields. 

Given that PowerShingle costs less than building a non-solar steel shade structure and is on par with traditional, non-waterproof solar carports, why would anyone not build a PowerShingle system?

Great question… Now that PowerShingle is a reality we can’t think of a single solution where it isn’t the clear choice to use.